Lincoln McCardle

keeper of the eh list

'the eh list' is the brainchild and sole ward of Lincoln McCardle, the man behind Canada's most beloved website, Canucklehead.ca.

It was created in September 2009 out of the personal desire to have a contest site that listed the best contests available to Canadians. In fact, the domain name had already been registered and I had planned to use it to start a wiki of Canada's best known icons, symbols and all the things that make this country great. The sad truth is that it simply proved to be too much work. So, I had a domain name and nothing to do with it. I went to the computer for inspiration and as often happens when I'm at the computer for any extended period of time -- well, I ended up at a contest directory. After going through about 10 pages just to find a single contest I felt was worth entering, well -- lets just say that I had an idea -- and you are looking at it now.

In closing, I want to thank you for coming by and helping to make the eh list Canada's go-to site for contests. If you have any ideas, suggestions or contests for me - well, I'd LOVE to hear from you. And yes, I am also the twittens guy. Please contact me HERE. All the best and thanks in advance.


Lincoln McCardle


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