Hello contest fans and welcome to the eh list. 

Yes, the site looks kind of plain but that simply because most contest sites are so crammed with stuff they almost send me into seizures - so I've decided I'm not going to play it that way. So its not that this site is still a work in progress - its kept simple by design. That's just the way I roll.

You have my word that this is the best and most comprehensive collection of Canada's best contests.  To be clear -- it won't have the most contests, as I will only post ones here that I would enter or have entered - which automatically eliminates 87% of the garbage out there. Here at the eh list we focus on quality, not quantity. No (or VERY few) Facebook contest, no blogs ... you get the idea. I've been entering contests online for over 25 years now and I've gotten pretty good at weeding out the junk. You'll see the best contests and only the best contests. That's my guarantee to all 'eh-listers'.

I can only assume you'll never read this again, but I thank you for taking the time to doing so this time. As time goes on I expect to add other features to the site that will enhance your experience and I'll hope you'll stick around. Wow - you're still reading?!!! Come on now there are prizes to be won - so off you go!






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